Is There a Stereotype for Jewish Fathers?

user submitted pictureJon Moskowitz of the Forward (sign up for an online subcription; it’s free) muses on the role of Dad in our tribe: stoic patriarch or a Jewish mother’s right hand man who’d better know when to keep his mouth shut?
“What exactly does it mean to be a Jewish father? If I’ve read Philip Roth and Woody Allen correctly, to be a Jewish father is to be a bit player next to the incandescent and awe-inspiring figure of the Jewish Mother, that smothering, guilt-inducing, matzo-ball-soup-making superstar of the Jewish family unit.”
Hey- we resent that.
Happy Father’s Day to all the papas out there, especially Skip Feinstein in Tempe, AZ. Love ya, Dad!

One thought on “Is There a Stereotype for Jewish Fathers?

  1. I’d send my father to that premier party you’re having in NY, just promise the hot Jewish women are there! How about some complimentary passes? Who’s in charge of those?

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