Immediate Response

smootheOnly the true kosher parody rapper Suburban Homeboy (aka Smooth-E, aka Eric Schwartz) is fast enough to bitch slap Mel Gibson mp3-style.

Listen by clicking on the Mel icon here, then be sure to stay for Homeboy’s “Hard Out Here For A Wimp.”

You may remember Schwartz’ ubiquitous “Hanukah Hey-Ya” and “Matzah Rap” from chags past; if you love the Boy, he might just be on his way to performing in a city near you.

One thought on “Immediate Response

  1. Smooth-e is quick! They don’t waste anytime here on the “internets”…. still, I heard that the “internets” are a series of “tubes” that get clogged up by poker chips and horses.

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