Chozzerai of the Week: Jewish Jewels

shabbat earringsOMG, how cute are these? Shabbat earrings — could you die over the little candlesticks? I’m more into the tribal bone look myself, but I seriously love these from, a line of Holy Day-inspired jewelry designed by Judaica superstar Susan Fischer Weis.

Really, you need to check out the whole year — the adorable little shofar for Rosh Hashanah had me squealing like someone put baby bunnies in my sock drawer. And Sukkot’s baby lulav and etrog — lady, you’re killing me! The mini-matzohs and teeny hamantashen are so freakin’ precious I want to become a Hebrew school teacher so I could have an appreciative audience for them! (Oh, crap, now I’m bound to get a call from the synagogue tomorrow.)

And just when I thought this accessory orgy was over, I find out they have matching necklaces!

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