Ach – Headlines, Headaches

organ12As if the Jews haven’t had it bad enough with that f*cker Madoff stealing everyone’s tzedakeh funds, now we got Orthodox rabbis in New Jersey peddling human kidneys.

And I here I thought organs were only allowed in Reform synagogues. (Heheheheh, a little Yenta humor for ya.)

In better news, our tribe may trump the bad press of last week by gaining a heiress. But whomever’s writing the headlines at E!Online oughta get a kick in the tush for this one:

“Ivanka Trump’s Winning Marriage Formula: Lose Your Shiksa Goddessness, Gain a FiancĂ©e”

This you call a formula? Ridiculous. Ivanka went through the kosher-ist of kosher conversions and such cheap references to her former shiskahood are straight-up tacky. Plus, she’s still pretty damn goddess-y. Bet her Shabbos kugel kicks ass.

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