Havdalah Dance Party Playlist

havdalahHere at Yenta headquarters, religious traditions tend to devolve into momzer moments. In spite of our best intentions, someone’s always eating off the seder plate or playing “Taps” on the shofar.

Look, we try. But y’know, dancing, davening, whatever. Here’s the Yenta’s recommendations for a groovin’, Shavua Tov:

1. “L’Cha” by The Chevra.

Get the party started with the tune that made frum fashionable – check out David Lavon’s famous inspirational moves.

2. “Water” by Mastiyahu.
Could this be complete without a track from Judaism’s reggae rock star?

3. “Chiribim” by Golem
Old Country meets hot hipsters. Nothing like a little post-punk accordion to get heads bobbing!

4. “Hava Nagila” by the Hip Hop Hoodios
Plenty of beat flava for the whole family, except for the masturbation reference. And surely they’re saying “I’m a Jew for Cheeses”…right?

5. “Bar’chu/Sh’mama” by the Original Jewish Gangsters
The album Hip Hop Shabbat has been on heavy rotation here for years – there IS such a thing as sacred rhyme, yo.

6. “L’Cha Dodi” by Craig Taubman
The Yenta’s favorite silver fox delivers Shabbat’s #1 tune in loopy Dixieland jazz format.

7. “Not By Might, Not By Power” by Debbie Friedman
The kids dig this one, plus it comes with built-in choreography.

8. “Hamavdil” by Pharoah’s Daughter
There may be some Grateful Dead-esque Sufi spinning happening about now in your livingroom…

9. “Eyes of a Child” by Hamsa Lila
Continuing on the psychedelic trance train, an elevated perspective is inevitable.

10. “T’Shuatam” by Neshama Carlbach
Kick off the week with screaming guitars and infectious drums – this lady’s always good for the neshamah, ‘aight?

There it is – a rhythmic recipe for a fabulous week!

Anyone have any suggestions for Version 2.0?

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