Finally, A Full-Fledged Yenta

Check me out with my homegirls from the JEA Senior Lunch!

That’s Minda in the Betty Boop gear, Ms. Dorothy on my left, and the one trying to steal my cane is Flora. (See how she’s trying to hook my sh*t? I was all “Step off, old woman – I will cut you.”)

I’ve gotten tons of love for my orthopedic cane with the pink roses – especially when I wear my matching fedora. I look like a Laura Ashley-pushing pimp selling black market hearing aids.

3 thoughts on “Finally, A Full-Fledged Yenta

  1. I just had someone come into my office to see what was making me laugh so hard. I showed her this entry and now you have another fan!!

    Flora does look a little suspicious- some might see a sweet older woman in a sweater but the rest of us see through her. You were smart to keep your purse on the other side of you. 😉

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