Guess We Made A Splash!

Just when I’d resolved to never attend another meeting regarding Jewish fundraising, planning a Jewish event or solving the myriad petty issues of a Jewish community that’s small enough to know better because they just turn into giant kvetch sessions that run into American Idol time, something actually gets done.

El Yenta Man and I joined about fifty people a couple of weeks back to protest the decision to keep the JEA pool closed this summer, which of course turned into a sparky discussion about the roof leaking and future strageties about the JEA’s survival (seriously, WHY can’t the pool be open on Saturdays? It’s not a synagogue, and lounging in the sun could be construed as resting by some of us who interpret the Torah liberally.) Turns out it wasn’t just parents of young children who were pissed – the water aerobics enthusiasts in their 60s and 70s were as equally hot under the collar at the prospect of having to share the indoor pool with the summer campers. It made for quite the multi-generational clusterf*ck – your typical Jewish family gathering, only with no food.

Even though some folks in the community had agreed to put up the dough to get the nescessary repairs to the pool, I figured the JEA board had its reasons for presenting the reality of a splashless summer as beyond discussion – case closed.

But lo and behold, the board has reversed their decision – We’ll have our pool by Memorial Day! Our voices made a difference, but not nearly as much as the promises of cash: There’s gonna be a big bill to pay come May, and I hope all you locals will give what you can.

If you’re still lurking on the edge of Savannah
now is the time to join the JEA – we’ll bring plenty of sunscreen!

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