Chozzerai of the Week: Up To My Neck in Hamantaschen

Purim is almost here, and I am bangin’ my grogger (in a good way!) for Susan Fischer Weis’ Yontifications – not even Queen Esther could have been bejeweled better.

Get the whole megillah and buy the matching earrings! And check out the bling for every other Jewish holiday – the little matzahs for Passover are so freakin’ cute and won’t go stale on you halfway through.

By the way, the title of this post doesn’t mean I’m making vagina-shaped cookies from scratch, yo. Yeah, that’s right: They tell us in Hebrew school it was all about the bad guy’s hat, but the Jewish feminists say different.

Don’t worry, Shalom School parents: I’ll keep the myth alive for the kindergartners – and head to Kroger for some delish NY-baked goods before the shelves are empty.

5 thoughts on “Chozzerai of the Week: Up To My Neck in Hamantaschen

  1. I tend to agree with the Jewish Feminists. The whole thing started because a woman refused to be degraded in front of a bunch of horny men, right?

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