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Even though this week’s Torah portion is named after the life of Sarah, the mother of Judaism, she doesn’t get much of a starring role since she’s already dead. Sure, she lived 127 years, bore a baby at 100 and had some good laughs, but she didn’t get to supervise the choosing of a wife for her only son — a Jewish mother’s nightmare. She needn’t have worried, though, since Rebecca, with her strength and kindness, was a dream.

Maybe the parsha is named after Sarah to give her a mother-in-law’s due. But heck, I’m no scholar, and I’ll always prefer my Midrash in cartoon form. Check out author Goldie Goldbloom‘s interpretation of Parshat Chayei Sarah from G-dcast, a most awesome way to study Torah:

More Torah cartoons at www.g-dcast.com

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A peaceful and lovely Shabbat to all ~

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