El Pepe Revealed

Pepe Pringos! The Head Yenta herself called on me, her trusty relief hitter, to step up to the plate and knock a few out of the park (without using Barry Bonds “juice”) while she relocates to red clay country. I’m just a product of the Jewish Diaspora (from Colombia) enjoying the sun in South Florida.

41st street has some of my favorite Kosher spots on Miami Beach, not to mention that Chinese Kosher spot on Collins. I should be tanned from all of the time I spend on this island commonly known as Miami Beach. I love the fact that these neighborhoods feel like “little Tel Aviv” instead of Tony Montana’s old stomping grounds from the 80’s. There’s no better place to have fun, sun, and Friday nights with your bubbe lighting candles.

While I may not match the Head Yenta in blogging speed I do hope I can fulfil your daily reading pleasures with my random blog posts. Enjoy the funky logo I cooked up for my pen name.

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