Don’t Pass Over These Stressbusters

Now that you’ve stocked up enough matzah and macaroons to feed the IDF, consider these items to ensure a calm, collected Passover psyche:

In one lil’ click, you can send a greeting to family and friends, near and far, Jewish and not. My main music main Craig Taubman has teamed up with American Greetings to create a really classy, lovely, interfaith Passover e-card that calls up the “free spirit” quality of this season. Each of the organized Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — have a connection with this springtime ritual, which in turn goes back to a time before humans organized much of anything. Freedom is for everyone, and we can all get behind food, right?

The tune on the card is Craig n Co’s Jew-age rendition of “Eliyahu Hanavi” from the CD Passover Lounge, a relaxing collection of non-tradtional tunes to expand the mind and heart. I can attest that there’s no better soundtrack to accompany the body’s metabolism of four glasses of wine. Order it now and get it in time for your seder!

If all the guests get to be too much for your stress threshold, better add 2005’s When Do We Eat? to your Netflix queue and move it to the top. No matter how deep into the dysfunctional void your family gathering might fall, there’s no way it’s gonna be this bad. It won’t be as funny, either, but it’ll make you feel better while digesting:

If all else fails, pile up the seder pillows and make a fort under the table.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Pass Over These Stressbusters

  1. Oh yes, When Do We Eat is a classic. We try to watch it every year before Passover, just as we watch Pieces of April (and listen to Alice’s restaurant) around Thanksgiving.

  2. I saw “When Do We Eat?” when it was in the theaters. This is a very funny movie and definitely worth putting on your Netflix queue.

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