Dem Viral Yids

Black-hatted breakdancer David Lavon broke out of the yeshiva and became a quite the sensation when his superhot “L’Cha” video hit broadband last year. (It disappeared from the Web for a bit, but it’s back on Jew- YouTube, albeit in compromised quality.)

I had never heard of Orthodox boy band The Chevra until Lavon lipsynched their single with such passion in his little movie, and I couldn’t get “L’Cha” outta my head for months. I don’t even know what the song means, and I’m sure I’ve completely butchered it while trying out some of his dance moves in the mirror (Note to Self: A 35 year-old with pom-poms is one of the definitions of ridiculous.) But now I know I’m not the only one who’s tried to emulate this Lavon’s iconic clip:

Here’s a group of frum girls who attempt to match their own “L’Cha” scene for scene — including an attempt at the tree flip and the supergeeky Matrix fight sequence — in honor of their roommate’s bridal shower. Go, girlz!

Hat tip to Jewtastic!

2 thoughts on “Dem Viral Yids

  1. Years ago there was also a disco parody of this video, with “Disco Inferno” overdubbed. Although the lip synching surely wasn’t in synch, the dance moves were surprisingly in sync. Ironically, the music group whose song they’re dancing to, Chevra, were modeled after In Sync which was hugely popular back then.

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