Spinning, Limping, Shopping

blaineMeshugeneh magician David Blaine added a stomach-twisting twist to his latest death-defying escape stunt: A shopping spree at Target.

After spending two days suspended 40 feet above Times Square in a gyroscope (one of those contraptions used on potential astronauts to gauge their vomit threshold), Blaine broke the ties that bound him and fell into a wooden stage. He walked away from the wreckage with a noticeable limp, but that didn’t stop him from fulfilling the next part of the caper by appearing this morning to accompany the lucky 100 kids who received $500 gift certificates from Target on this Mother of All Shopping Days.

I can understand the whole tzedakeh aspect — rather than the usual glory and adoration of his fans, Blaine’s wacko Houdini interpretations actually benefit someone other than himself. But somehow the corporate shilling is more nauseating that the stunt itself. Let’s see him pry off the association of the big red iconic symbol when he tries to recreate the illusion of “street magician” ever again…

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