But We Can’t Carve Jack O’ Lanterns In The Spring!

user submitted pictureWe’ve already busted ourselves as bad Jews ’cause we love Halloween. Even now that we’ve found out why we shouldn’t schnorr free candy from the neighbors with all the other boys and girls, we still can’t accept that we’re only allowed to don our princess-whore costume on Purim. Yeah, we like to do Purim right, too (last year we made 500 hamantaschen in a domestic fit fueled by too much allergy medication) but that’s a whole six months away! Plus, we truly appreciate the art of the jack o’ lantern (even the gross ones like this), and we’re sure as hell not going to attempt carving a fig.
Here’s a tip to make Halloween a little more kosher: did ya know you can use leftover pumpkin for latkes?

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