Breaking Out of the ‘Chood

Summer has begun, which means there are little yentas all UP in the big one’s bidness, keeping me from sitting at the computer with incessant whining earnest pleas to go blackberry picking and dress up the dog in American Girl clothes.

While I figure out how to stay awake past their bedtime, please enjoy the spankin’ new video for “Proud to Be” from Savannah’s own kosher hiphop maestro, Reuben “Prodezra Beats” Formey (check the official Yo, Yenta! interview here.)

Was that the B.B. Jacob sanctuary, brother?! Also caught a cameo of the newest (? maybe middle) Formey daughter—a sweet little angel in pink.

Rumor ’round the eruv is that Prodezra Beats may be moving along to a bigger music scene—I’m sorry to see Savannah lose its hip-hoppest Jew, but if that’s what it takes to realize the dream, so be it. Proud to BE a fan, yo!

6 thoughts on “Breaking Out of the ‘Chood

  1. I am having the SAME summer experience. Goodness knows I LOVE them little things and wouldn’t trade them for anything…but trying to get a complete thought is not a summer time activity. And it doesn’t even matter that could do what they wanted to do much sooner if they would let me finish what I need to do.

    And as much as I hate you had that kinda day – I am really glad it led to the posting of this video – great stuff!

  2. Reaben, Liora, Shira, & Yael,
    You will be missed greatly in BBJ and the Savannah area. Please keep in touch.
    Kol Tuv,
    Charlie Richman
    Fripp Island

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