Bima Bling

tallit clipsWe’ve already established that jeweler Susan Fischer Weis’ chag-inspired Yontifications are fantabulous, but her latest creations, specially-designed tallit clips for the ladies? Brilliant, completely off the hook, yo. What better way to inspire more observance in a new bat mitzvah that a bit of bling to wear to shul?

Sure, it’s a lovely piece of jewelry, but it’s so much more. Since wearing a tallis is an act of courage in itself for a woman, adding a little sparkle is downright revolutionary. Not as gender-enlightening as say, hot-gluing sequins to your grandpa’s tefillin boxes, but getting there.

I love seeing a woman in a tallis; it establishes her as a strong, committed person right off the bat. I don’t wear one. But maybe I will now that I can match it with my earrings…

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