Are Men Obsolete?

rachelsarahPerhaps only a woman raising a child on her own is qualified to answer that one.

Single Mom Seeking author and proudly unmarried Jewish mama Rachel Sarah responds on camera to a new study that shows a surge in out-of-wedlock births.

The reporter interviews a couple of other shlumpy moms who extol the importance of marriage to a child’s well-being, but Rachel ought to be the sassy single mother poster girl with her tall boots and confident grin. Girlfriend plays it calm and cool, and damn if I don’t kinda believe her not having a partner doesn’t mean not having a life.

‘Specially after having pulled off an entire Thanksgiving dinner — including pecan pie from scratch — for 11 all by myself.

3 thoughts on “Are Men Obsolete?

  1. Sure its possible to survive on your own, but shouldnt be promoted. Sarah decided to have a child with a sheget free of Jewish family values. She has no choice but to survive. Lets celebrate her ability to survive the position she selected, but not celebrate the position. Shes alone, and I feel for her, but cannot be the best thing for her child.

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