Amy F.J. Stone Visits Savannah

Lookee here! It’s a lovely story about Savannah in The Miami Herald courtesy of Ms. Amy F.J. Stone.

Naturally, the Lilith magazine co-founder found the feminist bent:

Savannah’s women rescued its history

 A man, Gen. James Oglethorpe, founded the city of Savannah and the colony of Georgia in 1733. Before he’d even gotten off the ship with the first settlers, he’d laid out the street grid and squares for one of America’s first planned cities. But if it hadn’t been for the ladies, Savannah wouldn’t be what it is today…

S’funny, I had a Purim hallucination about meeting the fabulous Ms. Stone a few months back and sharing some of my homemade pear brandy. We traipsed up and down Bull Street (aka “the spine of Savannah”) and talked about Girl Scouts and feminism and Jewishness and her travels in China.

I guess her article, published as part of the Travel Arts Syndicate (sounds like the best mafia EVER), means that it wasn’t just a confused brandy flashback.

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