A Minyan In Mormon Land

skiiing rabbiMazel tov to the Jews of Park City, Utah on the groundbreaking of their new synagogue, Temple Har Shalom.

The synagogue will be built with views of Summit County’s snowy peaks, a coincidence Rabbi Joshua Aronson calls beshert as Har Shalom means “mountain of peace.” According to BYUnews, it’s only the the second syngagogue to be built in the entire state. Architect Alfred Jacoby, known for his work re-building synagogues in Germany, did the blueprints, and whatever gorgeous design he’s come up with, I’m pretty sure it’ll look nothing like this.

The congregation has 260 families, which I find amazing as I paid a visit to Park City a few years ago and met who I thought was the only Jew in Utah. What must it be like to be Jewish in a place so overwhelmingly goyish? More importantly, is it kosher to ski on Shabbos?

*Painting of “Rabbi On Skis” by Tel Aviv artist Alexander Klevan. His work is absolutely wondrous — check it out!

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