A Lover AND A Fighter?

roryA reader who should get out more who follows the violent sport of competitive martial arts has tipped me off to Rory Singer, a participant on the bloody SpikeTV reality show “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Rory is a nice J-Boy from Jersey currently in nursing school at the University of Georgia. His future patients better pray that he’s gentler when changing the bedpans and taking pulses then he is in the ring: Last week he knocked out his opponent with a roundhouse kick and several blows to head, advancing his status in the competition. He’s also doing his part as Jewish ambassador, exposing martial arts fans to terms like “tushie.” (Check out photos of Rory’s knees and elbows in action.)

I’m not going to become a sudden fan of men beating the crap out of each other for sport, but since I was born in Jersey, am moving to Georgia and support Jewish athletes whether they win or not, he’s now the official Yenta candidate for favorite TUF guy.

I’m rootin’ for ya, Rory! I just won’t actually be watching.

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