A Jew and A Satanist Meet Up A Bar…

user submitted pictureY’all have to check out Jewgoo’s interview with Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. It takes a brave Jew to take on the forces of evil, and Mr. Goo asks great questions about what it’s like to worship the Devil and all that. Magus Gilmore clearly possesses intelligence and a creepy dignity, going on about tolerance:
We do not see other religions as being a problem so long as they are not allied with a government and given the power to force us to be a part of their belief systems. Satanists support the idea of a secular society, wherein a plurality of beliefs – including the option not to believe – are open to everyone as a matter of choice, and no one religion may force its morals and beliefs on anyone who doesn’t choose to adopt them of their own free will. We favour a government that fosters maximum individual liberty, and wise social laws to prevent criminal behaviour, so that we can enjoy the benefits of participating in a society.
That’s very nice, isn’t it? How come Satanists never talk about anything interesting like orgies or taking over the world? This guy sounds like your basic moderate Democrat, for heaven’s sake.

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