Screech Leaves 11%

user submitted pictureThat server with a chip on her tray,, has added former child star Dustin Diamond, famous for playing super-nerd Screech on inane late 80’s sit-com Saved By The Bell to her list of crap tippers. Although his career has been relegated to two-beer minimum comedy clubs since his bar mitzvah, he should always remember that fame never dies, waitresses always tattle and people will always notice the extra pounds.
(c/o Fark.)

5 thoughts on “Screech Leaves 11%

  1. That guy is a mess! I saw him live last year and he had on a scruffy beard and looked worn out and depressed. I hope he and Gary Coleman land a hit sitcom together with Alf and Punky Brewster. WHo wouldnt root for that?

  2. I heard that Alf was Jewish. Maybe its the nose or the Hollywood connections, can anyone confirm that rumor for Jmerica?

  3. Alf is jewish? Where do you come up with this stuff? He’s from planet Melmac and he ate cats for crying out loud, that’s not Kosher.

  4. nope he’s most likely jewish, remeber he landed himself a TV gig fairly quickly and he’s still doing appearances. only MOT’s get that much love from other members. Don’t doubt it.

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