Happy Bloggiversary to Me

Everybody having a fine Pesach week? I always break out my Manischewitz shirt at work to let everyone know not to offer me donuts.

Better Jews than I are Counting the Omer this month. Midianite Manna sewed up some absolutely gorgeous cloth counting calendars: You can put chocolate in the little pockets or an inspiration card for each day. I might try this next year.

Seeing as I didn’t learn anything about Omer counting in Reform school, this year I’ll just count down the days until pizza and beer.

Anyway, Passover week brings another important number for Yo, Yenta!: My 8th Bloggiversary! Off to celebrate with a flourless chocolate torte.

If you’d like to give me a gift, please vote for Yo, Yenta! for Best Blogger in the Best of Savannah Readers’ Poll. You can also vote for El Yenta Man as Best Personal Trainer (might want to put his real name, though!)

And I suppose this year I qualify for another category; perhaps you’ll also see fit to vote for me there: Best Newspaper Columnist.

Speaking of which, I thought I’d share this week’s Civil Society Column with my Yo, Yenta! readers, as it focuses on next week’s Yom Ha’Shoah events.

From ConnectSavannah.com:

Get three Jewish mothers in one room and there’s bound to be kvetching (complaining), kvelling (bragging about the kids) and some good, hard laughter.

There was plenty of all when I met with Melinda Stein and Degi Ruben last week to talk about the upcoming Holocaust Remembrance program at the Jewish Educational Alliance, though it’s pretty difficult to find anything funny about the Holocaust.

Still, we managed to sneak in a few cackles here and there. Keeping a sense of humor in the face of macabre circumstances is an essential component of sanity. And, as these ladies can tell you, of survival.

Read the rest here.

A continued Chag Sameach to all!

2 thoughts on “Happy Bloggiversary to Me

  1. Happy blogiversary! And thanks for the mention. I love Pesach, but I’m always happy when I can return to pizza and beer. And pasta. And muffins. And cake, and…

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