You Should See What They Do With Tefillin

user submitted pictureSome enterprising tailors may be giving Victoria’s Secret a run for their money: Yes, that’s a bra made from good old-fashioned, “I Went To My Arnie Katz’ Bar Mitzvah And All I Got Was This Pink Satin Beanie” yarmulkes. It’s no hoax, either; you can buy them in three lovely styles, the Bat-mitzvah, Boobooshka (shown here) and Sports (in spite of its name, it doesn’t look like it would offer much support at the gym.)
Now, how long will it be before Madonna gets her boobies in one?

2 thoughts on “You Should See What They Do With Tefillin

  1. If you were, say hooking up with a girl that had one of these on and you threw it on the floor, would you have to pick it up and kiss it???

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