When Your Father Goes To Pakistan…

dad…you worry a lot. Dad’s a retired surgeon, see, and just wasn’t satisfied playing golf every day and kibbitzing about the grandkids. He figured his skills might be put to use outside of removing a thorn from the cat’s paw and diagnosing acquaintance’s symptoms at cocktail parties, so he contacted American Jewish World Service, who sent him on to another agency, who found a spot for him helping victims of the Oct. 8 earthquake near Kashmir.

The result is a Jewish doctor working at Christian hospital in an Islamic country.

Sounds like a joke, right? But, gosh, we’re so not amused. Even your basic, run-of-the-mill season in Pakistan comes with risk of random violence in the form of radical fundamentalists and natural disaster, but this past week — well, it’s pretty much ridiculous.

First, some genius at the CIA tries to bomb out terrorist Ayaman al-Zawahri, but he decided to skip dinner that night and the explosions killed dozens of innocent people. Not surprisingly, their families, neighbors and fellow tribesfolk riot against all things American.

Then snow, and all manner of dramatic weather hit the region near where Dad’s stationed and no supplies can get through.

And just when the situation couldn’t be more frightening, now there’s a Bush coming to visit.

So, listen, if you’re already saying a prayer for Israel and Sharon and you’ve got a couple of extra seconds to send good vibes towards northern Pakistan and Dr. Skip (he promised he would keep the extremely ethnic family surname under wraps), the Yenta family could use it.

3 thoughts on “When Your Father Goes To Pakistan…

  1. Well, I’m not Jewish or religious at all, so I can’t offer any prayers, but I sincerely wish your father the best. He’s a far better man than I, and I hope the fact that he’s helping those poor people in Pakistan gives you some degree of comfort.

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