When There’s Tsuris, There’s Soup

soupIt’s still hours away from Shabbos, but this Yenta has been called to duty — in the kitchen.

This has been a ridiculous week for the Yenta family, with mini-Yenta in danger of being picked up by the truancy police, El Yenta Man still adjusting to his first 9-to-5 job, like, ever, and Yenta-Mother-in-law in the hospital recovering from emergency abdominal surgery. Yenta Father-in-law and Brother-in-law have not eaten a decent meal or vacuumed up the dog hair blanketing their house in over a week, and therefore, No. 1 Daughter-in-law must rise to the occasion.

Before you get all, “Omigosh, Yenta, you’re so, like, selfless and wonderful, what a mensch you are!” please know we’re staying in the Yenta-in-laws beach house rent-free, so if I chose to stay home today blogging and painting my toenails, we all might be living in the minivan next week. So aspiring mensch-hood it is.

I feel prepared to take on the well-being of everyone’s souls and tummies. Of course, the best tonic for everyone’s frayed nerves is my super-duper special matzoh ball soup recipe. Plus, Mother-in-law is only allowed broth for the next few weeks anyway.

And since no Shabbat meal is complete without wine, I’m trying to find the best pairing with Jewish penicillin. Wineanswers.com recommends a nice chardonnay or a pinot noir with a poultry-based soup, but what are the chances of tracking down a couple of bottles of Hagafen Cellars‘ pinot in coastal Georgia?

One thought on “When There’s Tsuris, There’s Soup

  1. You deserve an award! The pix of the matzo ball is scrumptious! If we fake an illness can you bring us some?

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