“What the F*%&k?!!!!”

That was the subject line in an email from my normally refined mother. This is a woman who once grounded me for two weeks for using the F-word, so the use of foul language meant that the matter either dealt with the price of health insurance, clubbing baby seals or Sarah Palin.

You know it was the latter.

Apparently there’s a rumor circulating that Miss Super Christian Of All Time is Jewish, which made me regurgitate my bagel and lox when I heard it. This piece of nauseation is based on the “information” that Palin’s mother, Sandy Sheeran, is descended from Schmuel Sheigam, a Lithuanian Jew whose surname was changed at Ellis Island.

A likely story, right? I mean, it happened to many of our grandfolks, nu? It’s not too hard a stretch if you’re trying to go that way – the blog Meet the Real Sarah Palin published a rather dubious-looking family tree based that is now being used on WikiAnswers as the “YES” version to SP’s J Question. User-generated encyclopedia, whoo-hoo.

But before you go vomiting all over your keyboard, please note that the “NO” version is actually based on serious genealogy and ya know, FACTS. Ron Kampeas of JTA has posted a comprehensive link that proves SP is nowhere near Jewish, no matter how many Israeli flags she flies in her office. However, it shouldn’t surprise you that there may be some married cousins up in there.

So, Mama, you can rest easy that this is a complete crock of shit. And I mean that with the utmost respect, so please don’t make me stay home from prom.

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