What, No Local Color?

Hey y’all – it’s going to be a slow week here; I’m on deadline again (funny how it happens every month!) and have fingers in a bajillion side projects. And it’s soccer season, so two kids + supportive screaming mother on sidelines divided by Coach Yenta Man = exhaustion x 2 parents – the square root of a bottle of pinot grigio.

But in the meantime, fellow blogger Schvach alerted me to this nice J-travel article about Savannah in the New York Jewish Week. It’s a flattering but bland depiction of our drama-steeped community; it doesn’t seem like the author actually paid a visit. But it does give mention of Sunday’s upcoming noshfest, the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival , which is reason for every one of you out-of-towners to book a room at the Mansion for the weekend…

7 thoughts on “What, No Local Color?

  1. Oy! So above the text that talks about Temple Mickve Israel, they have a picture of Savannah’s Catholic cathedral … here’s what our temple rely looks like folks:

    C’mon down for the foodfest, the rabbi’s “amein lo-mein” is worth the trip … the cholent served up by the Agudath Achim Sisterhood is recommended & the beef tongue sandwiches ain’t half bad either … yummmm

  2. HY — Wasn’t your gaffe, it was NYJN’s goof. I think you’re right that the author has never been to our lovely Hostess City. They prbably put that pic in their rag ’cause the cathederal is bigger … what can I say? big pointy gothic spire-things are impressive to some people, feh.

  3. Feh is right! At least we don’t have a stinkin’ spire. When we were on the top floor of the Hilton after Rosh Hashanah I showed Abe that all the churches wear pointy hats and Mickve Israel wears a yarmulke.

  4. OK, ok! I get the ‘Slowvannah’ power message;
    but still, it’s sorta nice of that ‘rag’ to run a feature about your fair city. Maybe some displaced New Yorker now living somewhere in the Bible Belt will saunter over
    there for some ‘Hostess City’-style Yiddishkeit – someday.

  5. Schvach — It was a nice thought yes, but I’m still peeved about them putting a pic of the cathedral in where the synagogue should be. As to New Yorkers, we gots plenty of them, they musta run out of room down in Boca, ’cause there all over the coast from Savannah to Hilton Head.

  6. … but Schvach, I forgot to give you props for the Dickens reference in the Coulter exchange; I note that Schvach rhymes with Jacques & we live in the best of times & the worst of times 🙂

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