Wastin’ Away in Manischewitzville

Passover’s still a week and a half a way, but I just get giddy when the parodies start showing up like so much chametz in the cupboards.

The video’s kinda “eh,” not the fabulous Flash animation to which we’ve been becomed so spoiled, but the lyrics make up for it.

Now, pay attention, because this is only the first verse of prolific punster Billy Ray Sheet’s ode to the drink of the season: You must go here to experience the whole thing. Do it; it generates revenue for BRS’ synagogue and it will have you humming all week long.

7 thoughts on “Wastin’ Away in Manischewitzville

  1. Hi,

    That was great. Besides the clever pics and the phenomenal lyrics, the guy is quite a good singer to boot!

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll post this on my blog and link you!

  2. That was super cute. I loved the plagues updated for our time. LOL so funny!

    It also reminded me to go groccery shopping too. 🙂

    Off to pur the beer down the drain…

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