Turning Racist Humor On Its Ear

While I’m normally frightened by the ever-burgeoning “cartoons for grown-ups” genre (put away the bongs and go to work, people), a worthy addition can be found in “Minoriteam,” part of Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” Sunday line-up.

Featuring a quintet of ethnic stereotypes with superhero powers (including a El Jefe, a Mexican with a badass leafblower, and Jewcano, a muscular rebbe-dude who can shoot molten lava out his … wrists), the Minoriteam kicks a lot of bigoted, cracker tuchus and throws around plenty of ethnic gags (like Jewcano getting an erection over a nickel) — but it’s okay to laugh ’cause it’s ironic, see?

Clever, and offensive in that funny way, or funny in an offensive way.

Hit the button to watch a preview; if you want to watch Episode 1 click here.

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