Trees and Wet T-Shirt Contests

jnfSomething has shifted in the air, can you tell? The birds are chasing each other around frantically blooming trees, El Yenta Man has been grabbing my a** more than usual, the children have so much shpilkiss (“ants in the pants”) that their hair is vibrating. Yes, it’s definitely almost spring!

That means Spring Break, that infamous week in American college life that inspires students travel to exotic places, drink vats of cheap beer and flash their boobies. (Not that I know anything about it, mostly because I do not remember Mazatlàn 199o.)

But not all co-eds have chosen to spend their time licking tequila off each other’s necks: 205 Jewish mensches have signed up with the Jewish National Fund for an Alternative Spring Break to help rebuild northern Israel after last year’s destruction. The kids will prune forests, paint bomb shelters and listen to the stories of those who suffered through the bombings.

If you’re thinking you’d rather watch generous, selfless college students plant trees instead of the same old boring Spring Break coverage of leopard bikinis and beer bong competitions, you’re in luck: The group will be trailed by MTV — yes, MTV, the channel that introduced the world to live coverage from Daytona Beach’s wild madness — and feature the JNF volunteers as part of a 30 minute special on students who spend their vacation pursuing noble activities on March 24 (check the listings.)

Sure, there’ll be wet t-shirts — soaked with hard-earned sweat.

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