Tomorrow’s Rape of the Moon

imagesI am feeling just supremely ill that we’re just finding out today that our government is bombing the moon tomorrow.

I posted the following tirade as a response to a friend’s Facebook comment, and though I understand his point that this might help solve our planet’s energy issues, I’m still shocked that someone gets to decide to do this without consulting the rest of us.

I’d love to know if y’all think it’s no big deal or if this is hurting your soul:

Really? The rotating body that orbits our planet in a perfect 28-day rhythm that affects our tides, oceans and bodies (we’re at 55% water; our kids are 78%) is a CASH CROP?

I’ve never heard of anything so revolting or short-sighted.

What happened to using less, making pollution and toxins illegal, creating a sustainable future? Instead of a beautiful, serene moonrise, we’re going to see a constant assembly line of moon mining ships in the night sky? What are we going to do after we break the moon? Attack Mars? It’s as pathetic as it is predatory.

Not to mention what the moon represents to humans symbolically and spiritually: According to the ancient myths and Earth-based religions, it is the very seat of the Divine Feminine, a force that’s been hidden away from our collective conscience but nevertheless still exists. Every single woman’s menstrual cycle — and by definition, conception and birth itself — follows this same monthly rhythm. What does it say about our society that we are allowing the clean, white glow of the moon be pierced with a MISSILE? It’s f*cking RAPE. We will never be able to repair this damage to our shared psyche and our environment.

Obviously, I’m really, really sick and sad about this, but to keep things positive, let’s all look at how beautiful the moon is: You can click here, but wouldn’t you rather go outside and see for yourself?

10 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Rape of the Moon

  1. NOt to mention the fact that who knows how this will affect us? The moon is already moving away from earth at about an inch a year, which doens’t sound like much, but… what if bombing the moon increases that? What’s ThAT going to do to our tides and weather?

  2. And you found out only yesterday for a good reason: there are no more news in the mainstream media, only propaganda.

    Those of us who knew in advance tried to spread the news, but there was no public outrage, no protesters in the streets…. only apathy, inaction. Any consequences are well deserved. Especially for those who breed.

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