TomKat: Get Ready For Some Placenta Pie

it's a girlKatie Holmes reportedly gave birth to a 7 lb, 7 oz. just minutes ago, which isn’t relevant to this blog at all except …

According to Insider Online, they named their celebspawn Suri, which is a kabbalistic derivation of the word “princess” in Hebrew.

Wha’, “L. Ron” wasn’t a nice enough girl name, the Scientologists had to go borrowing from the Jews? The placenta eating I can handle (what kind of California hippie Jew would I be if I hadn’t at least considered it?) but a Jewish princess this kid will never be!

One thought on “TomKat: Get Ready For Some Placenta Pie

  1. Scientology is far from normal but, then again, neither is Kabbalism and never was Tom Cruise. This baby is going to have an interesting life!

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