Thomas Jefferson’s Jewish Genes?

thomas jeffersonA recent study has introduced the possibility that our third president’s uncle maybe, kinda sorta might have had a strand of DNA that could be connected to Jewish ancestry.

While picking through chromosomes for some final evidence to prove the claim that Thomas Jefferson sired children with his slave Sally Hemings, geneticists at the University of Leicester in England stumbled on an anamalous mark on the family’s Y chromosome that is rare in Europe but common in the Middle East and east African countries like Somalia and Oman, leading some to “hazard a guess” at some hidden Sephardic roots.

This makes for lots of splashy speculation and won’t stop the American Jewish Committee from throwing some kind of “We Had One In The White House All Along, Suckas!” party, but um, I’d like to point out that the Y chromosome is the male half of human DNA. Judaism’s is passed down through the mamas on the X side of the double helix, baby, and it’s just too damn late to change the rules for our convenience. But by connecting his genetic material to Africa, the scientists may have just proved that he was actually black.

And on a nominally related topic, God is black and he can introduce you to Thomas Jefferson. At least in Sarah Silverman’s world.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson’s Jewish Genes?

  1. I saw that episode the other night and it was a bit disturbing. Sarah’s lack of compassion for the homeless and terminally ill is disturbing even for me but when I think back to it I think I need to lighten up and take it for what it is… a silly comedy show. I guess Sarah is either ahead of her time or just too sick for folks like me. Odd as it sounds I still plan to watch it when I can. You gotta have chutzpah to sleep with G-d and then send G-d packing in the morning.

  2. Yo Yenta, back up a step. Tribes are noted by the male side ONLY. DNA is dividing Jews as such, Kohen, Levite, and Israelite. Remember G-D made the tribe of Levite forever, because of Aaron’s grandson’s actions. G-D was pretty damn proud of that boy. Check out

    On to a very special topic–Nu, what happen to the KOSHER Coca-Cola?? Since Ur near Atlanta, U never got back to me. I need a couple of cases for the community Seder for Pesach.

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