They’re Both Mammals, So What’s The Problem?

dolhin weddingYnet reported last week that 41-year-old Jewish millionaire Sharon Tendler married a 35-year-old dolphin named Cindy in a seaside (duh) ceremony in Eilat:

…The thrilled bride, wearing a white dress, walked down the dock before hundreds of astounded visitors and kneeled down before her groom, who was waiting in the water. Cindy, escorted by his fellow best-men dolphins, swam over to Tendler and she hugged him, whispered sweet nothings in his ear, and kissed him in front of the cheering crowd. After the ceremony was sealed with some mackerels, Tendler was tossed into the water by her friends so that she could swim with her new husband.

“I’m the happiest girl on earth,” the bride said as she chocked back tears of emotion. “I made a dream come true, and I am not a pervert,” she stressed.

Sure, it’s an unusual shidduch, but, heck — as long as they raise the children Jewish, right?

Photo: Joe Kot c/o Ynet.

2 thoughts on “They’re Both Mammals, So What’s The Problem?

  1. There is a biblical prohibition against a woman lying with a beast – this would seem to fit the bill. While we don’t know whether or not this “bride” and “groom” actually “lay” together, it still goes against the prohibition against the Jewish residents of thew Holy Land imitating the disgusting practices of the Canaanites, which included such “relations” between human and animal. The punishment for imitating Cannanite practices was that the land would vomit out its Jewish inhabitants, the same way G-d caused the land to vomit out the Canaanites. This is a disgusting act, no matter how “beautiful” anybody tries to paint it, a violation of the laws of nature and of G-d.

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