These Boyz Won’t Be Back In My Town Anytime Soon

altarboyzChristian boy bands kinda fall below my radar for some crazy reason, yet I find myself drawn to Altar Boyz, a Broadway show that “gently” skewers the genre with catchy lyrics, pelvic-thrusting choreography and of course, cute boys in tight pants.

From The TartanOnline: There’s Matthew, the quintessential boy band leader … Then there’s Mark, whose hilarious flamboyance highlights his hugely transparent crush on Matthew. Luke, the ghetto superstar, just got back from his rehab stint, where he was treated for “exhaustion.” Juan, the poor orphan left on the front steps of a nunnery in Tijuana, is desperately trying to find the parents who brought him into this vida loca. And, Abraham, the Jewish one, is convinced he was brought into the group by accident — but that doesn’t stop him from coming up with the band’s amazing lyrics.

The show just finished up a cross country tour, yet the styley quintet somehow managed to skip the entire Bible Belt that’s still wound so tightly around the deep South. Hmm, could it be because of lines like this?:

“Are Jews allowed in church? I think so, I just saw one on the cross above the altar!” Oooh, ouch!

Or this one, excerpted in a song about abstinence: “Until my wedding date, I guess I’ll just have to master… my own fate.”?

According the reviews, that’s as sharp as the skewering gets, but still, funny. My kind of offensive. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if the boyz’ll go back to the altar Broadway and plan a lil’ trip.

9 thoughts on “These Boyz Won’t Be Back In My Town Anytime Soon

  1. I loved the show…everything about it. the music, dancing and the five very talented Boyz. i highly recommend it to everyone.

  2. My brother and his fiancee went to see it and thought that it was absolutely hilarious. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

  3. Altar Boyz is definitely one of my favorite shows and I can watch it over and over, glad you enjoyed it!

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