The Rise And Fall And Rise Of A Dirty Old Man

user submitted pictureLast seen hawking bagels after his fall from wealthy porn pioneer to homeless pervert, Al Goldstein is back to his old ways. He’ll be peddling smut as the new marketing director for XonDemand, an Internet porn site based on the old-time peep shows. As a Jew who embraced Christianity on the way down, he will probably thank the Lord of Viagra for his good fortune.
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7 thoughts on “The Rise And Fall And Rise Of A Dirty Old Man

  1. the king of the shameless plugs is back. Heard him on some radio show recently and they counted him mentioning XonDemand atleast 400 times during the interview.

  2. I dont remember but I know it was on Satellite radio. Its one of the one million stations out there. It was pretty funny tho

  3. Jchick, I think this guy was on The Stern Show Begging for a Job. Well I think selling Bagel in New York had to have Humbled Him? I THINK?? Anyways he is Back to his Roots.

  4. IT was a hell of a slap in the face to have to drop so low in life from having millions. He’s a fighter though, what he’s fighting for is still unclear. THe first amendment maybe?

  5. mitiz says- i think the whole thinkg is silly and so was the silly article honestly now cant we find sometihng else better than that to read about????????????????

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