The Menschy Man-Boy

I first caught comedian Gary Gulman as part of Dane Cook’s Tourgasm and I was all, Wow, now that’s a fine-lookin’ Jew. Tall, too. With a punim and shoulders like that, he could get on stage and discuss the nutritional value of pencil shavings and I’d be captivated. It turns out his comedy is as good as it looks — Gary’s got an understated, intelligent style practically devoid of obscentities, a rare feat in the gross, grosser and gross-out world of stand-up. A finalist for two seasons on Last Comic Standing, he mostly mines the ordinary for absurdity; a little Seinfeldish, without the smarminess.

His 2006 full-length special, “A Boyish Man” has been running on Comedy Central as of late, so maybe you’ll watch Gary with your bubbie without being embarrassed. Unlike last time at the nursing home with that other Jewish comedian who has a Tourette’s-like affinity for the word “vagina.”

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