The Matzoh Files

user submitted pictureSo by now you’re looking at the four extra boxes of matzoh on the counter and wondering if there might not be some other use for them, since eating even one more slab will stop you up ’til Sukkot. If you’re remodeling, you could stack them inside the drywall for insulation, å la straw bale methods. Or tile the bathroom. Or, you could break out the paint and glue and make art.
That’s what 250 New York artists did as part of an innovative, interactive project dubbed The Matzoh Files, originally located in the Streit’s Matzah factory on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and relocated to a larger gallery for the month of April (one assumes that the factory is extra busy this time of year.) Rather than displayed on the walls, much of the artwork is stored in flat file drawers to be perused hands-on by visitors. Sounds a little crumby.
We’re looking forward to going back to our chametz-lovin’ ways Sunday night, but aside from commemorating our freedom from the Pharoah, this carb-deprived holiday has an upside: we’ve lost weight. Who knew escaping the Egyptians would evolve into the Jewish Atkins Diet?

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