The KKK? Why Not?!

Thanks to dear reader Kelly for sending along this vid from Australian guerrilla filmmaker John Safran (he cops to being blatant rip-off of Michael Moore) who’s one funny – and brave – Jew. His covert interview with the Ku Klux Klan is not so much enlightening (the Grand Dragon confirms that the KKK is indeed a “discriminatory organization” and its members are “rascists and bigots”) but it is pretty hilarious.

The Yenta’s inspired to wage a similar attempt at a certain private men’s club in historic Savannah – which doesn’t allow women or Jews. Not that I’d ever want to be a member; I’d just like to fart on their leather chairs.

2 thoughts on “The KKK? Why Not?!

  1. Sisco and Ebert my ass! I once farted in my sister’s Infinity, and she still hasn’t shut up about the matter. As far as exclusive clubs go, back in the mid-70’s I sidled onto the steps of the University Club in midtown Manhattan. I was promptly body blocked by a doorman. I naively asked what the building was all about. After his terse reply I asked if I could join. Okay, so I was still matriculated at CCNY – big deal! Later that week, my girlfriend,who was with me on that occasion, told me all about her date with that guy. I tell you, I get no respect.

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