So, like, do you guys really have horns?

I suppose it’s inevitable that the “Sh*t Girls Say” meme infected the Jewish world.

It is not, kinehora, in the form of a wince-worthy Jersey girl spouting stereotypes in something tagged “Sh*t Jewish Girls Say” (though I’m sure it’s being produced somewhere as I write.)

No, it’s in the form of “Sh*t Christians Say to Jews,” and it’s wince-worthy nonetheless:

While I think the actress’ delivery is perfectly dopey, it’s obviously cribbed from “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls“, but not quite as funny. Then again, I snorted tea through my nose when “Your mom converted? So you’re half Christian. Omigod, you’re half saved!”

I have far too many lovely, intelligent Christians in my life to be posting this video with unchecked ribaldry, but I have experienced a few moments like this over the years. Such as “So, are you guys, like, sho-MAR fuckin’ Shabbosh?”

There also may have also been a time when some blond girl asked me how many days were in a Jewish year in eighth grade, which many years later I realized was NOT an insult but a perfectly valid question.

Of all of them, nothing’s ever topped the time I ran into one of my son’s classmates and her mother in the toy aisle of Target a few years ago. We were chatting amiably about the holidays, when suddenly she hit me with this:

“So if you don’t have Jesus, what do you call God? That’s right, you people don’t believe in God.”

I choked for a sec and very calmly said, “You might want to check your sources, because according to the them, my people actually invented God.”

Haven’t seen her since.

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