So Hard to Type With This Sceptre In My Hand…

Muchas thank yous to all those who helped the Yenta continue my reign as Best Local Blogger as voted by the readers of Connect Savannah!

As I rambled in my acceptance speech at Tuesday’s awards party, I’m not really sure why or how a loud Jewish hippie mama has continued to capture the attention and slaving adoration of a mostly conservative, very Christian Southern city, but life’s weird.

I’m just grateful you’ve bore with me this year as I’ve had to switch-up being a full-time yenta to becoming Connect’s community editor and Civil Society columnist. There’s just of much of me to read, but it’s mostly here these days.

Hoops, hollers and kvells to El Yenta Man, who was voted Best Personal Trainer! StrongGym was also voted runner up for Best Fitness Club after only a year in business. Guess that makes us a power couple. If you need EYM, he’ll be in the backyard powering up the lawn mower.

Bill Dawers, the gracious runner up for Best Blogger and many-yeared king of the Best Newspaper Columnist category (who pointed out that there’s no way this thing is rigged if he, “a freelancer for a rival publication” keeps winning), is also a damn fine photographer; check some pretty party pictures here.

Because I have a small black cloud of disaster that follows me and occasionally rains down hilarious irony, you may notice that things look a little different around here. I woke up two days ago to write this acceptance post and found that nine years worth of blog posts had melted into a soup of gobdelgooky HTML code: Something exploded in the bowels of my server and would all still be a hideous mess if not for Adam Singer, rabbi and chief geek at AJ Singer Studios, his website design company.

Not only did he transfer everything over to a new site and get things working again, I think he may have kashered my WordPress platform. He gets my vote for Best Tech Support next year!

UPDATE: Here’s this week’s Civil Society Column, “All Hail the Geeks,” on WordPress wonder woman Jane Wells.

One thought on “So Hard to Type With This Sceptre In My Hand…

  1. Mazel tov! You are one awesome woman! And very funny too! The whole town knows who you are and you definitely make Savannah a cool place to be. Loved your craft projects. Monster mezzuahs? Very creative. You’re the BESTH!

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