Small Town Shabbat

user submitted pictureSorry for the slow posting this week—we’re dealing with a gnarly case of poison oak that has affected our ability to sit in a chair for any length of time. Oh how we love frolicking in nature— until it bites us on the ass! While living out in the boonies affords our adventurous spirit a proximity to wide open spaces, sometimes we envy those of you who can buy a decent challah on Friday afternoons or not have to constantly make excuses why we don’t drive anywhere on Saturdays. Being Jewish in the Big City is easy—you’ve got your deli, your shul and lots of Jewishy neighbors to keep it real. But those of us on the fringe have to work extra hard to make a Jewish life. Sometimes it feels like we’re out here all alone with our itchy tushy and Sabbath candles. Thank heaven for Internet Judaica!
Anyway, we were inspired by how this family in Iowa keeps the faith from JTA.
Any Jmericans care to post your small-town stories?
Beyond our itchy-scratchy tsuris, we wish you a delightful Shabbat.

One thought on “Small Town Shabbat

  1. Being Jewish and venturing out to middle America is an adventure on its own. I was at the Hungry Mother State Park in Virginia which is a beautiful place to camp and go hiking, but the surrounding small town (with a Walmart as it’s activity hub) was not used to seeing anyone with dark-features and a big-city accent. Also the 5-point stars and casual attire (as apposed to forest camoflauge and crosses around our necks) made us stand out more. I’m staying in the big city!

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