Sing Low, Sweet Chariot

Since we’re in atonement time, I have a small confession to make: I love gospel music. Look, when you don’t have cable and there’s nothing else on TV in Georgia Sunday mornings, you watch what’s there, ‘aight? And if you can get over the whole Jesus thing, it is just so dang inspiring to see those folks offering up their “hallelujahs” and “praise the Lords!” and clapping like heaven’s just gonna break open and shine through — I’ve often wished we could all kick back our chairs in synagogue and shout it out to Hashem like we mean it, sisters and brothers! (As a matter of fact, I had poem published about our people’s lack of worshipping enthusiasm. El Yenta Man thinks I should post a Youtube video of me performing it, and maybe I will one of these days…)

The fabulous news is that I don’t have to get treyf to assuage my gospel jones: Kosher gospel singerJoshua Nelson can get his “Adon Olam” on like no one’s business, y’all (watch here)! Even Oprah has endorsed him as the next big thing, and the house is gonna come down when he performs at Hallelu in Atlanta November 4. I’ll be the one with my arms raised high!

For those of you who know my synagogue in Savannah and it’s tight-lipped Protestant classic Reform tendencies, what would those Saturday morning alterkockers think of Joshua?

9 thoughts on “Sing Low, Sweet Chariot

  1. Joshua Nelson’s version of Adom Olam made me want to belt it out along with him. I will suggest this gospel version to the Rabbi who spoke of major and minor keys in his sermon last Shabbat.

  2. Yo, Yenta, if you’re ever in So. Fla, drop in on Beit David Highland Lakes Shul. Who says Orthodox folks can’t raise d’roof? Every Shabbat I shlep in on foot, and walk out on clouds.

    gmar hatima tova v’tzom kal

  3. I can’t get into gospel – sorry. As I’ve ‘said’ in the past, I live in the Bible Belt
    and catch plenty of gospel on TV as I flip through the channels. Lots of schvitz gets poured into microphones (but they never seem to short circuit), lots of yelling and screaming, the world’s going to end, love, salvation by proxy – oy! Nicht fur mir!

  4. Actually, we tried to get Joshua Nelson to come to Savannah last year and couldn’t raise the money to make it happen, but I am ever hopeful…maybe you want to contribute so you can see the reaction for yourself? Call me…we’ll talk!

  5. Towbie & Yo — Oh maybe I been down here too long but I just don’t see Nelson getting this kind of reaction in Savannah … a few years ago we had a klez band at Ye Olde Temple MI & the alterkockers sat and listened with in utter decorum and applauded very politely … you’d have thought it was Mostly Mozart … now don’t get me wrong, I do love these unflappable folks — but I think this is kind of like looking for soul food on the menu of a French restaurant.
    … but I would dearly also love an occassional outburst of hasidisch enthusiasm (albeit with my true love davening by my side)…is this too much to ask for? … Simchat Torah is coming — so I ask you T&Y, what’s a Savannah Jew who wants to dance to do?

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