Shabbat Shoeboom

Finally, a working Jewish mother can rest: All those freakin’ holidaze are over, another issue of skirt! is in bed, and Obama’s making gains.

As we end another week in this endless circuit around the sun, I am pondering two things: Is it kosher to just have wine for dinner? And, would this fashion-forward menorah will upstage my precious new boots?

Let me know on either. Or Both.

Thanks to all who commented (online and in person) on El Yenta Man’s Aliyah post. To my happy dismay, I was called to the Torah myself this week along with the other women present this week at Agudath Achim’s Simchah Torah celebrations. Which I found ironic until it occured to me that maybe that’s just what happens when you actually attend synagogue regularly.

Oh, and if you’re close enough to these parts, I hope to see you noshing at the Shalom Y’all Jewish Food Festival Sunday in Forsyth Park. Stop by the latke booth and say hello to El Yenta Man – he’s the one with the big spatula ;).

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