Secrets of the Alter Kockers

What do a bunch of old Jews know about living forever?

That’s what Jesse Green asks the four siblings of the Kahn family, all of who sailed passed their 100th birthdays. His New York Magazine article is a fascinating, heart-tugging read that focuses on these centenarians and the scientists who are studying several hundred Ashkenazim to see if their DNA can reveal the secret to long life.

About a dozen genetic markers have been found, including the Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein gene, which indicates lower risk of heart disease and dementia, as well as the APOC3 gene that protects against cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Also, being short seems to help. Read the whole article here.

All I know is that El Yenta Man is no giant and both his grandmothers are in their 90s, so God willing, I am looking forward to six more decades of picking up his dirty socks.

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