Say It Ain’t So, Zach!

zachnmandyI’m not one to use the word lightly, but could it be that the world’s most adorable eligible Jewish bachelor is going to marry a…a…shiksa?

Zach Braff has presented his ladyfriend of 18 months, Mandy Moore, with a 4-carat diamong ring, but neither person’s publicist is confirming an actual shidduch (and I use that word loosely.) Wasn’t she, like, a Christian superstar before she crossed over into playing goody-goody roles? All I know is she annoyed the bajeezus outta me when she guest starred on “Entourage.”

Braff’s “Scrubs” co-star Donald Faison says the Jewish mothers of planet can rest easy; it’s just one of those horrible rumors people like to glom onto…but look, if Miss Priss makes Zachie happy, I can handle the pain. I’ll just be over here nursing a big cocktail, erasing him from my hard drive.

The sh-sh-shiksa guest stars tonight on “Scrubs”. Let’s hope ABC is a more flattering venue for her whiny weirdness than HBO.

Speaking of sitcoms, anyone else see the commericals for the new show “Sons & Daughters” (not to be confused with the Aussie soap opera) when the daughter asks her mom if they’re going to hell because they’re Jews? I thought the clip was hilarious, but I wouldn’t think the Superbowl demographic was their target audience…

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