Savannah Jewish Film Festival Starts TONIGHT!

Don’t worry, there’s no biopic of Bernie Madoff (“Scumdog Billionaire?”) Tonight kicks off with “Bye Bye Bravermen”, a hilarious Jewish intellectual take on the road trip/homage to dead friend genre at 7:30.

There are so many intriguing offerings goin’ on – the hard-working young Jews who organized this found something for everybody. Us Yentas are already way over the babysitting budget – I’m definitely down for “The Powder and the Glory,” a documentary that incorporates two of my favorite topics, smart Jewish women and make-up, and “Circumcise Me,” the story of some poor shmo who keeps converting to more observant levels of Judaism and thus must meet with the mohel more times than anyone’d care to.

I’ll also go ahead and recommend “Surfwise,” which El Yenta Man received on DVD for his birthday, about a meshuggeh Jewish doctor with nine children – I may just have to attend that screening on March 4 just to watch everyone’s faces when his wife starts talking about the rules of tushy hygiene while living in a 24-foot camper.

And best of all, this eclectic collection of celluloid culture is a BARGAIN – Passes to the ENTIRE festival are only $50 for JEA members – Get yours here!

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