Pink: Stupid Girl

pinkThe Yenta may share Jewish ancestry and a penchant for tattoos and Manic Panic hair dye with Pink, but the similarities stop there.

The (largely talentless, IMHO) pop singer is going around defending Mel Gibson, saying “Alcohol makes you do crazy things.” Yes, like taking your top off at a fraternity party or shaving your head, dear. But hatred against Jews doesn’t float around the bottom of a tequila bottle.

Speaking of the man who launched a thousand letters from the ADL, Mel’s publicist says he’s too busy with rehab to apologize to an L.A. congregation on Yom Kippur. The rabbi says he’ll take a rain check.

3 thoughts on “Pink: Stupid Girl

  1. She only had one song that i thought was not half bad but I agree that there is no excuse for that drunken hatred that Mel spewed out. Alcohol brings out the worse in you.

  2. Pink is Jewish? OY! Her poor mother. I’ve heard her speak and she’s illietrate. However, I did like the song where she attacks the President.

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