Oy Gevalt, Your Bubbe Is Plotzing

nocrocsWith very few exceptions, rubber shoes are footwear non gratae in Yentaland. So very tacky, tacky, tacky. My mother might not have had her bat mitzvah until she was in her 50’s, but the woman taught me how to dress for synagogue. And there are classy, stylish ways to deal with the no-leather-on-Yom Kippur thing, people. There is no reason to resort to Martha Stewart’s gardening shoes, and certainly not with a Chanel suit. I don’t care how comfortable they are, you are seriously hampering your chances of being written into the Book of Life by sporting them.

I am referring to JTA’s announcement that the hated, hideous Crocs are the new Jew shoe. God help us all.

9 thoughts on “Oy Gevalt, Your Bubbe Is Plotzing

  1. Well, I wore some fabric plaid flat shoes; of which my husband thinks are hideous. They matched, weren’t leather, and were inexpensive. On the other hand, my husband did wear crocs, and he wore them well. Crocs with nice dress pants, dark brown crocs, weren’t bad at all. Ideal? No. Hideous? Not at all and perfect for Yom Kippur. I’m all for Crocs 🙂 I mean, his aren’t yellow or green or anything like that.

  2. Grizzly Adams is utterly indifferent to fashonisma & wears his comfy crocies, mostly on weekdays as well as on the Day of Atonement for his many many sartorial sins.

  3. Around here (wine country, CA), hardly anyone bothers to forego their perfect leather shoes and handbag combos (along with beaucoup bling)for Yom Kippur. I didn’t see too many more crocs than I usually do on Friday nights, but I did see some worse: 89 cent flip-flops in equally noticeable colors.

    Me? An adorable little pair of satin embroidered slip ons (with unnoticeable rubber treads on the soles) dedicated to two trips out of the house a year.

  4. I wear the $10 white canvas deck shoes. My wife has a pair of crocs for gardening. They are the most hideous things I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine wearing them in public. Luckily, only a few people follow the no leather prohibition in my shul anyway, so I didn’t notice any crocs. Like in Shoshana’s shul, people in mine use Yom Kippur to kind of show off. I don’t think they ignore the prohibition, they probably just don’t know about it. Maybe next year I can go with some black and orange rainboots. That would be as acceptable as crocs, yes?

  5. Chanel suit? Hubba hubba! The photo looks like an open box of Crayolas – you’re right Yo, when petitioning the Almighty, we must dress as seriously as we want to be considered.

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